Travel Coconut Haircare Kit


Full Sized Bars of Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner in metal travel tins all packed in a toiletry bag made from recycled plastic bottles


Coconut Shampoo Bar, min 60g lasts for 60+ washes

Coconut Conditioner Bar, min 50g lasts for 60+ uses

2 Travel Tins that fit either large or small bars (large bars included in kit)

Toiletry Bag as pictured, large enough for the 2 travel tins with little over half the space left for your other essentials

Why not add Soap in a Travel Tin or Face Scrubbies to make a Complete plastic free travel experience

Please note the toothbrush will not fit in this bag but our bamboo toothbrush holder will hold your toothbrush safely

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